What is a Bulk SMS service and how can businesses use Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS Service or Bulk Messaging means sending SMS to one or more recipients via software or API / web platforms such as Slogway. Generally, there are two types of bulk SMS transaction bulk SMS and promotional bulk SMS. Users can send bulk SMS as personalized SMS. Receiving OTP, notification on transactions. If you want to create, schedule, and send SMS campaigns for online or offline business marketing or notifications, all of those activities can be done with the SlogWave SMS software. The Slogway Bulk SMS service is used by various national organizations, schools, colleges, organizations, developers, NGOs and government agencies for propaganda, communication, transaction alerts, notifications, reminders, OTPs and opinions. Sign up now to send Bulk SMS.

Why should every business use bulk SMS service?

In today's world, SMS has a 90% open rate compared to a 20% open rate for email. SMS also has a high response rate. You can improve sales, conversion rates and website engagement by adding links in SMS. Slogway is working to make the SMS industry simpler, transparent and inexpensive. Our Bulk SMS Platform is designed to assist small business owners who want to send promotional, marketing, OTP, multimedia and alert SMS. For any purchase or inquiry, please email us at support@slogway.in

Huge SMS price on Slog Way?

You pay for every SMS you send via the Slogway Bulk SMS Software or Bulk SMS API. You can start sending SMS from 10 on Slogway, and if your SMS volume is high, you can send SMS to 12 0.12 (which is the lowest in the SMS industry). Free to test Slogway Bulk SMS service - Free credit is provided after signup.

Why is Slogway the best bulk SMS service provider in India?

Free SMS for testing: Slog offers the facility to test their bulk messaging service for free. After signing up, the user can send a free SMS for testing. Free SMS users can check our system for work and delivery reports. Millions of Bulk SMS: The Slogway system is designed to deliver millions of SMSs at once. There are many SMS routes in our system, in which we distribute SMS loads so that SMS delivery is quicker. Custom SMS: Customized SMS can be easily sent in the slog way. All you have to do is prepare your data in an Excel sheet and save it in CSV format. Slog provides a platform where users can send multimedia SMS like jpg, mp3, csv, pdf, zip. Transparent and less expensive SMS: The slogway system is very easy to use with every information specified on the platform. With such quality and professional services, Slogway is the cheapest SMS provider in the Indian SMS industry.

Bulk SMS API Documentation?

Slogway Bulk SMS API works with Java, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby, Javascript. Click here for more information.