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Toll Free Number

Toll-free numbers are an easy, cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

What is a toll free number?

Toll free numbers are different three-digit code numbers that can be dialed to the landline at no charge. Such numbers allow callers to reach businesses and people outside the area without having to charge long distances for a call. Toll-free numbers are very common for customer-service calling. The toll-free service has traditionally provided free and convenient ways for potential customers and others to contact businesses. However, if wireless callers do not have an "unlimited calling" plan, they will be charged for transmission minutes used during toll-free calls.

Top 4 advantages of using toll free numbers


Better brand identity

The toll-free phone number is easy to remember and customers associate this number with your brand.


Enhanced customer experience

With the 1800 number, customers can easily reach you at no cost. Making it easier for you to reach customers means they are more likely to be with you.


Measurable marketing

You can use the 1800 toll free telephone number to track marketing ROI. When you use these numbers in print and online advertising, you can zero in on the ads you serve.


Better analysis

All your calls are tracked and recorded so you can analyze calling patterns and trends.

Who can use Toll-Free Numbers



It's easy for parents to track application status, learn about different programs, and more.



Take advantage of toll-free numbers for short courses or get support for a cause.



Facilitate appointment bookings or for emergency services such as an ambulance.


Financial Institutions

Promote the latest offers, investment plans and make customer support more accessible.